A Primer on Working with Crystals

Crystals are what lead me to witchcraft and Wicca. They are cheap and small, and can be used for complex spells or simply carried around in your pocket. You can combine them with other ingredients like herbs and candles, or let them cover all your magic needs. If you are new to working with crystals, or just want to see someone else’s approach, I’ve laid out a basic primer below.

Obtaining Crystals and Knowing Their Uses

First you will need a main source of correspondences. This will tell you what crystals are good for what task or ailment. Mine is the book Simply Crystals by Cass Jackson. It’s best to read up as much as you can from various sources and then pick one as your go-to, or write up your own chart based on your research.

Now with some crystals in mind, set about obtaining your first few pieces. You can find them at new age stores, renaissance fairs, and even the gift shop at your nearby tourist-trap cavern or science museum. You can buy them online, but I prefer in-person so that I can pick one out that feels right. Run your receptive (non-dominant) hand over the piles of rocks until you find one that calls out. The shape of it should feel good in your hand and you may feel an overall good vibe from it. There may be no dramatic chorus of angels or surge of energy, but something about that one rock caught your eye and made you pick it out from all the others.

As soon as you buy your crystals, write down what they are and what you’ll primarily use them for!! Also include a description of their appearance or sketch a little picture. Otherwise, it is quite likely you’ll forget some of their names down the line, or mix up your moss agate with your jade, your obsidian with your hematite.

Part of my crystal collection

Cleansing and Charging

Before working with a crystal, you’ll want to first cleanse it of any past energy residue. Some sources also recommend physically cleaning it. Don’t use water on crystals that are soluble or porous! For those, rubbing down with a clean cloth will do.

Once clean on the physical level, it’s time to clean them on the spiritual level. There are various different ways to do this, many of which involve using one or more of the four elements.

  • Bury it in dirt or salt for a day.
  • Submerge it in water overnight.
  • Pass it through smoke three times.
  • Blow on it with your own breath.

The latter two are quicker, but should be done with your mind fully attuned to the task. Here is a visualization to help you:

Close your eyes and picture the crystal in your mind. Imagine an inner light breaking through its grimy surface, burning away the outside of the stone until there is nothing left but pure light.

Next, you will charge it. Charging is the act of imbuing the crystal with your will for it to serve a specific purpose. For example, if I want an amethyst placed under my pillow to bring me peaceful sleep, I would charge it with that quality. To charge it, hold the crystal in your closed fist. Concentrate on your need. Use this continuation of the earlier visualization, if it helps:

Imagine that ball of light slowly turning the color of the crystal and solidifying until the outer shell snaps into place. At the same time, think of the power with which you want to charge it.

Now your crystal is ready to work some magic! Use it in a spell, sleep with it under your pillow, meditate with it in your hand – whatever form your magic takes, this crystal will give you a boost towards making your will a reality.

Was this a helpful guide? How do you cleanse and charge your crystals? Any questions on working with crystals? Let me know in the comments!

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