Simple Pet Protection Spell

Whenever my cat drops a whisker, I can’t help but to think it is the perfect opportunity for a spell. One thing that works of fiction get right is that whiskers, hair, or other similar vessels of DNA can strengthen the tie between a spell and its object, making the spell more powerful. Since I fret over my kitty’s health and safety like a helicopter mom, I decided a protection spell would be the best way to take advantage of his fallen feeler. Below is the spell I designed, using only ingredients I had on hand.  Continue reading “Simple Pet Protection Spell”

Author Spotlight: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

To continue my series highlighting diverse authors I’ve seen speak, I would like to introduce the Nigerian feminist writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Known for her novels (Americanah, etc.), essays (Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions), and TEDTalks (We Should All Be Feminists), Adichie brings a necessary international perspective to discussions in race, gender, storytelling, and feminism.

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Wiccan Holidays: Ostara the Spring Equinox

Welcome to the first in my series of posts on the Wiccan holidays known collectively as the Wheel of the Year. This month we celebrate Ostara, which marks the spring equinox. It occurs roughly around March 20 every year. Note the similarity in sound to Easter, which takes place around the same time.

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Wiccan Holidays and the Wheel of the Year

This post marks the beginning of a series of witchy posts, spread over the course of the year, describing the Wiccan holidays that I observe and the rituals and activities that go with each. The eight seasonal holidays, known as sabbats (yes, this is a cognate of Sabbath and Shabbat) fall on the equinoxes, solstices, and midpoints in between each, dividing the year into roughly equal sections of a month and a half each.

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Why I Read YA as an Adult

Recently, I have been making an effort to diversify and expand my reading interests beyond just the usual sci-fi/fantasy YA series. I’ve discovered some delightful books I would not have otherwise experienced and learned many new things, but at the same time also reaffirmed the value and enjoyment that I find in YA and rarely find elsewhere. There’s something about the casual infidelity, ubiquitous abuse, and general ennui that suffuses adult works that makes me long for the hopeful fighting spirit of YA novels. While I still feel a twinge of embarrassment when admitting in intellectual circles that I read more YA than “literary” works, I stand by my reading choice because it makes me happy. Here’s why:

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Chapters and Charms is Doing Bloggiesta Again: Spring 2018!

Last month’s mini bloggiesta went so well, I’m going to participate again for the full-length spring bloggiesta, March 19-25. I hesitate to bog my readers down with so many non-content posts, but there’s lots of work that goes into building up a new blog and perhaps you all may be interested in seeing the process. And I’m hoping stating these on the web will help me hold myself accountable.  Continue reading “Chapters and Charms is Doing Bloggiesta Again: Spring 2018!”