Wiccan Holidays: Mabon the Fall Equinox

Wow, these seasons have really blown by. I started introducing the Wiccan holidays of the Wheel of the Year back in the spring, and now it is already autumn! The first day of fall, as marked by the equinox around September 21, is known to Wiccans as Mabon.

Other names: Autumnal Equinox, Fall Equinox

What it is about: In addition to marking a time in which day and night are even, Mabon is also the second of three harvest festivals, following Lughnasadh and preceding Samhain. It is sometimes considered a holiday of thanksgiving. Mabon is also a time of transition, as it marks the beginning of a new school year for much of our lives.

Red autumn leaves
Photo by Patrick Connor Klopf on Unsplash

Decorating your altar or home: The colors that I associate with this holiday are those of fall foliage in a temperate climate: red, brown, burnt orange. In fact, my favorite way to decorate my altar is just to gather up some colorful leaves from the ground outside.

Contemplation topics: On this day of equal day and night, what aspects of your life could use more balance? What in your life are you grateful for?

Activities: Not much time? Go for a walk to admire the colorful trees and pick up the prettiest leaves to bring home to your altar. While you are there, also pick up any litter you see to throw away.

Want something more intensive? Host a feast like a mini-thanksgiving. Serve fresh-baked bread and apple pie (or any product of apples and other early fall fruit). Make it a potluck and invite all your friends. Speaking of apples, apple-picking is another great activity for this time of year.

How do you celebrate Mabon? What does the beginning of fall mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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