Shine Bright Networking Spell

One of the most onerous aspects of young professional life is the need to put yourself out there at industry networking events. Recently, I found myself facing two in one week and decided to call in some spiritual backup. I crafted this simple spell to help me shine bright and in my best light in order to get the most out of my networking experience.


  • carnelian for charisma, charm, and confidence
  • rosemary for remembrance, so your new contacts remember you clearly and fondly
  • yellow candle for success in career and financial matters. Bonus points if it is beeswax, which brings to mind hard work and sweet rewards
  • red drawstring pouch, or red cloth and string to make a makeshift pouch. Red is for passion, and will help you come across as energetic and enthusiastic about your work

Networking spell ingredientsSteps:

  1. Cleanse your carnelian crystal in your customary manner, such as leaving it out under the moonlight. For more options, see my primer on crystals post.
  2. Get into your ritual mindset. Light the yellow candle and state your intention.
  3. Pass the carnelian, rosemary, and red pouch through the smoke of the candle three times each, while focusing on what they represent, what energies they bring to the spell.
  4. Place the rosemary and carnelian in the pouch and then clasp it in both hands. Close your eyes and envision a networking event gone well.
  5. Imagine a pulse of energy with that vision of success flowing from your heart, through your arms, and into the little red pouch.
  6. Blow out the candle and close out your ritual.
  7. Keep the pouch in your purse or pocket throughout the event. Touch it whenever you need a boost.

Knowing I had my amulet in my pocket helped me feel more confident at my events and I hope it will help you at yours.

What spells have you used to aid your career? What other work-related predicaments would you like to see a spell address? Let me know in the comments!

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