Witchy Goals for 2019

My relationship with witchcraft is always growing and evolving, so this year I want to set some concrete goals. This will especially help me when it comes to coming up with new content to share with you all! Here is what I hope to focus on and accomplish in 2019:

Practice divination skills

Specifically, I would like to learn to use my recently-acquired crystal pendulum and also learn to read tea leaves.

Read more witchy books and other content

I would like to catch up on some classics like Spiral Dance by Starhawk and read Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen that is sitting on my nightstand, but mostly I want to read new works by modern, millennial witches. Their focus on budget witchcraft and urban witchcraft will generally be much more applicable in my own life. As mentioned in my gift guide post, I think a great place to start would be Inner Witch by Gabriela Herstik. I have also started listening to witchy podcasts such as The Witch Wave by Pam Grossman.

Up my gardening game

When spring comes back around, I want to make more use of my herb garden. I want to try grow sage again, add some flowering plants, and keep my current herbs strong and healthy. Not only will I use what I grow for spells and cooking, but I want to make gifts of sage bundles or herb-infused cooking oils for friends and family.

Be active in the community

Although I identify as solitary, talking and sharing with others helps be refine my craft. I have started mentoring a new witch I met in an online community. I would also like to be more interactive on social media, and talk witch-things with my real world friends who are into witchcraft as well. Somehow a bunch of us arrived at witchcraft separately and it never really comes up, especially now that we all live far apart.

Photo of teacup with text that reads "Ready for 2019!"

What witchy goals do you have for the new year? Share with me in the comments!

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