Unexpected Places to Acquire Magic Tools

You don’t have to live near a metaphysical shop in order to equip yourself for magical workings. Although some of my books and supplies come from the witchy stores of New Hope, Pennsylvania or Salem, Massachusetts, the rest were acquired less conventionally. This post is meant to help you think outside the box to obtain the tools for your craft.

Here are some of the places my tools came from:

Renaissance faires

Ren Faires are by far my biggest source of magical tools. This is where I bought the faerie statues that grace my altar, my athame, my incense holder, and many of my crystals. See this Wikipedia list to find a Ren Faire near you in North America, Australia/New Zealand, or Europe.

Faerie statue

Travel – your own or a friend’s

Quite a few of my magic tools are souvenirs from around the world. I have floating lotus-shaped candles that I bought at a Buddhist temple in China, which I use for ritual baths. I have smooth worry stones that my sister picked up for me in Irish fairy rings. The newest additions to my crystal collection are from a family friend’s trip to South Africa. I love bringing the whole world into my practice.

Floating candle

Antique or thrift shops

I have a beautiful hand mirror that I picked up in a thrift shop. The butterfly design is an important symbol in my magic – one of transformation, of beauty, of transience, and of the soul. I use it for mirror magic and to decorate my altar.

Hand mirror with butterfly design on handle


My “chalice” is a ceramic teacup given to me by a friend. It was part of a set, so by using it, I feel connected to her since she owns the rest of the matching pieces. One of my altar cloths is a silk scarf given to me by a friend in thanks for showing him around on one of his first days in America. The sentimental value of these items contributes to the connection I feel to them and the strength of their magical energy.

Ceramic chalice

The craft store

I am a big fan of getting crafty and making magical tools for myself. I hand-embroidered magical symbols onto my first altar cloth. I sewed my own reusable charm bags to help stand in for the four elements when I lived in a college dorm and had limited access to fire and nature. The time I spent working on these items infused my own energy with theirs, adding a very personal feel to the magic I create with them.

Embroidered charm bags

Where do your tools come from? Let’s chat in the comments.

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