How to Get Into a Magic Mindset

You sit down to do a spell or meditation, but your mind isn’t in it; you’re still worrying about work or planning what to cook for dinner or wondering whether you are even doing this witchcraft thing right and if it’s going to work. One thing is for sure, if you are distracted like that, you’re not going to get the most out of your working. Today I’m writing about the steps I take to get into the right mindset for magic. Continue reading “How to Get Into a Magic Mindset”

Event Recap: NoVa Teen Book Festival

NoVa Teen Book Festival takes place in a high school—an odd but fitting location for an event centered on young adult fiction. This was my first year attending, and I enjoyed the community feel and intimate set up as I cozied up to long-time favorite authors like Libba Bray and new infatuations like Heidi Heilig.

Continue reading “Event Recap: NoVa Teen Book Festival”