Chapters and Charms is a space for me to write about the things that bring magic and wonder into my life—namely, witchcraft and books. I hope that by sharing these things, I can help you add a little sparkle to your life, too!

I have been a book lover my whole life, and a book blogger since 2014. You can check out some of my other writings at my first blog home, The Daily Geekette. I read for the purpose of escape, to take a break from hectic reality or my own racing thoughts and immerse myself in an imaginary world. To that end, I read primarily sci-fi and fantasy young adult novels and at a voracious pace. (Seriously, I read faster than almost anyone I know. All the better to pop out more reviews for you!)

On the witchcraft side, I am a solitary eclectic Jewish Wiccan. My knowledge of witchcraft comes from many years of self-study and practice. Since I began in 2009, I have based my practice mostly on the books of prominent Wiccan author Scott Cunningham, infused it with my Jewish background, and modified and molded it until I came up with something unique and personal to me that still fits within the wider Wiccan community.

My goals for this blog include promoting diverse books, providing resources and guidance to new witchlings and seasoned magic-users alike, and finding like-minded people with whom to share my passions.

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