How to Get Into a Magic Mindset

You sit down to do a spell or meditation, but your mind isn’t in it; you’re still worrying about work or planning what to cook for dinner or wondering whether you are even doing this witchcraft thing right and if it’s going to work. One thing is for sure, if you are distracted like that, you’re not going to get the most out of your working. Today I’m writing about the steps I take to get into the right mindset for magic. Continue reading “How to Get Into a Magic Mindset”

Unexpected Places to Acquire Magic Tools

You don’t have to live near a metaphysical shop in order to equip yourself for magical workings. Although some of my books and supplies come from the witchy stores of New Hope, Pennsylvania or Salem, Massachusetts, the rest were acquired less conventionally. This post is meant to help you think outside the box to obtain the tools for your craft. Continue reading “Unexpected Places to Acquire Magic Tools”

Next Level Crystal Magic: Crystal Grids

If you are comfortable with the basics from my Primer on Crystals post and looking for more advanced ways to harness the energies of stones and gems in your witchcraft, you may want to explore the concept of a crystal grid. Continue reading “Next Level Crystal Magic: Crystal Grids”

Exploring Divination

Until recently, divination was not a big part of my practice. I’m not entirely convinced that it is possible to know specific occurrences before they happen, and if it is possible, I’m not sure that knowing would be such a good thing. But from another perspective, in a world of uncertainty, it often helps to have some sort of guidance, whether divine or arbitrary.

Continue reading “Exploring Divination”

Wiccan Holidays: Yule

We’ve almost come full circle in the Wheel of the Year—just a couple more to go! Yule is celebrated on or around December 21. It comes from an ancient Germanic festival, the traditions of which have been incorporated into Christmas and other winter holidays.

Continue reading “Wiccan Holidays: Yule”

What to Get a Witch for the Holidays

Got a wonderful witch in your life but no idea what to gift them for the holidays? I’ve assembled a handy gift guide for the magically-gifted. I can’t promise that every witch wants every one of these things, but generally they go over pretty well. When buying magical items, it is best to purchase from a small business, preferably run by other witches, for the best energy. Continue reading “What to Get a Witch for the Holidays”