Shine Bright Networking Spell

One of the most onerous aspects of young professional life is the need to put yourself out there at industry networking events. Recently, I found myself facing two in one week and decided to call in some spiritual backup. I crafted this simple spell to help me shine bright and in my best light in order to get the most out of my networking experience.

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Spell to Mitigate a Hurricane

I see a lot of spells out there for drawing rain or even brewing up a storm, but in this era of devastating hurricanes year after year, sometimes what you really need is the opposite. I crafted this spell for weakening a hurricane as Florence threatened the Mid-Atlantic coast.  Continue reading “Spell to Mitigate a Hurricane”

Wiccan Holidays: Mabon the Fall Equinox

Wow, these seasons have really blown by. I started introducing the Wiccan holidays of the Wheel of the Year back in the spring, and now it is already autumn! The first day of fall, as marked by the equinox around September 21, is known to Wiccans as Mabon. Continue reading “Wiccan Holidays: Mabon the Fall Equinox”

More Alternatives to Tarot: Oracle Cards

I don’t actually have anything against tarot cards. I just haven’t picked them up yet, as I am intimidated by the learning curve of memorizing the meanings of all the cards. In the meantime, I keep stumbling across various other types of divinatory cards. Oracle Cards are a little simpler than tarot, which makes them both easier and harder to use. Continue reading “More Alternatives to Tarot: Oracle Cards”

So You Want to Be a Garden Witch?

This year I tried my hand at a totally new facet of witchcraft: gardening. What a great way to feel in tune with nature and the seasons, practice patience, and see physical manifestations of your efforts. I’m still a beginner at this, but I figured I would share some of the ways that I have incorporated my magic practice into my garden.

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Wiccan Holidays: Lughnasadh

The last leg of summer brings another turn of the Wheel of the Year and another Wiccan holiday. If you haven’t caught on by now, they essentially crop up every month and a half. On August 1, we celebrate Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-na-sa). Read on for a family-friendly craft activity that makes a great altar decoration! Continue reading “Wiccan Holidays: Lughnasadh”

Summer is the Perfect Time for Storm Magic

There’s something about summer thunderstorms that fills me with awe—an intense sense of the beauty of creation and the power of nature. I always feel closer to the spiritual world while feeling the thunder rumble through my body and tracking bright arcs of lightning as they streak across the sky, and I love incorporating that into my magic workings. Here are five ways to take advantage of that summer squall:

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Simple Positivity Spell

A friend of mine asked me for a positivity ritual to help her stay upbeat in the face of depressing current events and world issues. Since there seems to be no shortage of those these days, I would like to share it with you all as well. This spell is short and simple, easily adaptable, and can be done with objects you have in your house. Repeat it as often as needed.  Continue reading “Simple Positivity Spell”

Wiccan Holidays: Litha

Time for the third installment of my Wheel of the Year series about Wiccan holidays! This week, we will celebrate Litha, on June 21, or thereabouts. If you’re familiar with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, you’ve already heard of this holiday.

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Can I Be a Jewitch? Judaism’s Compatibility with Witchcraft and Wicca

Short answer: yes. Long answer: I wrestled with this question as I realized that I was interested in Wicca as a religious practice, not just in the secular aspect of witchcraft. I knew that I could not give up the Jewish faith I had nurtured all my life, but as I contemplated their similarities and flexibility, I concluded the two belief systems actually meshed quite well. Who said I had to choose?

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