Fairy Tale Retellings: Sleeping Beauty

Welcome to my fourth round-up of fairy tale retellings! This week I am focusing on versions of the Sleeping Beauty story, in which a young woman pricks her fingers and falls into a long and magical sleep.

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Diverse Reads of 2018

I started this tradition with one of my first blog posts, highlighting my favorite diverse books that I read in the past year, inspired by the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign. In 2018, I set the ambitious goal of having 33% of all the books I read represent diverse perspectives. At a grand total of 63 books, 31 of which I categorize as diverse which is 49%, I well surpassed my goal!

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What to Get a Witch for the Holidays

Got a wonderful witch in your life but no idea what to gift them for the holidays? I’ve assembled a handy gift guide for the magically-gifted. I can’t promise that every witch wants every one of these things, but generally they go over pretty well. When buying magical items, it is best to purchase from a small business, preferably run by other witches, for the best energy. Continue reading “What to Get a Witch for the Holidays”

Fairy Tale Retellings: Beauty and the Beast

Up next on my series of fairy tale retelling round ups, we have new takes on a tale as old as time, that of the Beauty and the Beast. In each story, a young woman goes to live with a powerful but beastly man, and comes in time to see the humanity beneath his rough exterior. Continue reading “Fairy Tale Retellings: Beauty and the Beast”

Fairy Tale Retellings: Rapunzel

Welcome to my second post in a series of classic fairy tale retellings! This week I am focusing on Rapunzel, known for her tremendous tresses and being trapped in a tower by an evil witch. Each of these stories adds a twist to the tale but the original seed is still there. Continue reading “Fairy Tale Retellings: Rapunzel”

Fairy Tale Retellings: Cinderella

Since this is one of my favorite genres, I’ve decided to start up a series of posts rounding up novels that retell classic fairy tales. This week, we will focus on rags-to-riches Cinderella tales, where women overcome poverty, evil stepmothers, and chores to find their true destiny. Continue reading “Fairy Tale Retellings: Cinderella”

Fantasy Schools I Wish I Could Attend

Although I’m no longer a student, I’ll never stop associating August with the anticipation of a new school year. Of course, many fictional schools are even more enticing than the real thing. Below are some of the fantastical schools I’ve read about that I wish I could attend. Continue reading “Fantasy Schools I Wish I Could Attend”

Diverse Reads: Mid-Year Check-In 2018

Six months into 2018, I am well on track to meet my reading goal: making sure one third of all books I read this year represent diverse perspectives. For the sake of definitions, that means books that feature religious, racial, differently-abled, gender, or sexual-orientation minorities as major, multi-faceted characters and/or were were written by authors of color. So far, I’ve read 35 books,17 of which (49%! ) meet my diversity criteria. Here are some of my favorites:

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