Can I Be a Jewitch? Judaism’s Compatibility with Witchcraft and Wicca

Short answer: yes. Long answer: I wrestled with this question as I realized that I was interested in Wicca as a religious practice, not just in the secular aspect of witchcraft. I knew that I could not give up the Jewish faith I had nurtured all my life, but as I contemplated their similarities and flexibility, I concluded the two belief systems actually meshed quite well. Who said I had to choose?

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Coming Out of the Broom Closet

Many witches practice in secret, especially if they are young and living with a family whose religious views make them hostile towards witchcraft. I have the fortune of a very supportive household but still struggle with the worry that being associated with a new age woo-woo religion/practice will somehow damage my credibility. Nevertheless, I am making a steady effort to become more public with my beliefs, which has been intimidating but freeing. It is one of the reasons I started this blog. Here’s how I got to this point:

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Why I Read YA as an Adult

Recently, I have been making an effort to diversify and expand my reading interests beyond just the usual sci-fi/fantasy YA series. I’ve discovered some delightful books I would not have otherwise experienced and learned many new things, but at the same time also reaffirmed the value and enjoyment that I find in YA and rarely find elsewhere. There’s something about the casual infidelity, ubiquitous abuse, and general ennui that suffuses adult works that makes me long for the hopeful fighting spirit of YA novels. While I still feel a twinge of embarrassment when admitting in intellectual circles that I read more YA than “literary” works, I stand by my reading choice because it makes me happy. Here’s why:

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My Path to Witchcraft

Hi all, for one of my first posts, I figured I’d tell you about how I came to witchcraft and what it means to me. I have been practicing witchcraft since 2009 and have been designing my own spells and rituals for almost as long. I have lead some group rituals for a pagan/Unitarian Universalist club in college but generally find my practice to be so personal I prefer to do it alone. As you may know from my About section, I am an eclectic solitary Wiccan who is also Jewish (they don’t conflict for me—I could write a post about that if you’re interested). So here’s the story of what lead me to this path…. Continue reading “My Path to Witchcraft”