Wiccan Holidays: Lughnasadh

The last leg of summer brings another turn of the Wheel of the Year and another Wiccan holiday. If you haven’t caught on by now, they essentially crop up every month and a half. On August 1, we celebrate Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-na-sa). Read on for a family-friendly craft activity that makes a great altar decoration! Continue reading “Wiccan Holidays: Lughnasadh”

Wiccan Holidays: Litha

Time for the third installment of my Wheel of the Year series about Wiccan holidays! This week, we will celebrate Litha, on June 21, or thereabouts. If you’re familiar with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, you’ve already heard of this holiday.

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Wiccan Holidays: Beltane

Welcome to my second installment of the Wheel of the Year series explaining the eight Wiccan holidays known as sabbats. On the first of May, we celebrate Beltane—the midpoint between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Continue reading “Wiccan Holidays: Beltane”

Wiccan Holidays: Ostara the Spring Equinox

Welcome to the first in my series of posts on the Wiccan holidays known collectively as the Wheel of the Year. This month we celebrate Ostara, which marks the spring equinox. It occurs roughly around March 20 every year. Note the similarity in sound to Easter, which takes place around the same time.

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Wiccan Holidays and the Wheel of the Year

This post marks the beginning of a series of witchy posts, spread over the course of the year, describing the Wiccan holidays that I observe and the rituals and activities that go with each. The eight seasonal holidays, known as sabbats (yes, this is a cognate of Sabbath and Shabbat) fall on the equinoxes, solstices, and midpoints in between each, dividing the year into roughly equal sections of a month and a half each.

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Setting Up a Witch’s Altar

Many practitioners of witchcraft and/or paganism elect to use an altar as a focal point for their magic and worship. Here is where you work your spells, perform your rituals, and express your spirituality. It should be set up in such a way as to bring you joy and to help you ease into a meditative state when you sit (or kneel or stand) in front of it. This post is meant to give you some ideas of how to make your own altar and to give a look into my practice through the physical objects that set my spiritual atmosphere.

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