Frost Demons Are the New Vampires

Who knew winter could be so sexy? And this is coming from someone who hates the cold. I’m calling it now: frost demons are the new vampires and soon they will be cropping up everywhere. At least, if the success of The Winternight Trilogy and Spinning Silver are any indication, I expect more and more writers to hop on the bandwagon. Continue reading “Frost Demons Are the New Vampires”

What to Get a Witch for the Holidays

Got a wonderful witch in your life but no idea what to gift them for the holidays? I’ve assembled a handy gift guide for the magically-gifted. I can’t promise that every witch wants every one of these things, but generally they go over pretty well. When buying magical items, it is best to purchase from a small business, preferably run by other witches, for the best energy. Continue reading “What to Get a Witch for the Holidays”

Fairy Tale Retellings: Beauty and the Beast

Up next on my series of fairy tale retelling round ups, we have new takes on a tale as old as time, that of the Beauty and the Beast. In each story, a young woman goes to live with a powerful but beastly man, and comes in time to see the humanity beneath his rough exterior. Continue reading “Fairy Tale Retellings: Beauty and the Beast”

Book Review: Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

I discovered Rebecca Roanhorse on Twitter through her advocacy in conversations about diverse books, and was very excited to finally read her first full-length novel, Trail of Lightning, which came out this summer. Roanhorse has won a Nebula and Hugo award for short story “Welcome to your Authentic Indian Experience.” Trail of Lightning tells the story of a Navajo monster-hunter in post-apocalyptic America who must come to terms with her own past and blood lust before she can save her world. It is the first in a series called The Sixth World. Continue reading “Book Review: Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse”

Witchy Ways to Honor the Dead

We just observed the Wiccan holiday Samhain last week, which if you’ll remember has a lot to do with connecting to your ancestors and honoring deceased loved ones. With that in mind, I’d like to go more in depth about how I have used my spiritual practices to build honoring the dead into my life.

Continue reading “Witchy Ways to Honor the Dead”

Fairy Tale Retellings: Rapunzel

Welcome to my second post in a series of classic fairy tale retellings! This week I am focusing on Rapunzel, known for her tremendous tresses and being trapped in a tower by an evil witch. Each of these stories adds a twist to the tale but the original seed is still there. Continue reading “Fairy Tale Retellings: Rapunzel”

Wiccan Holidays: Samhain

This is one of my favorite Wiccan holidays, and perhaps the most well-known holiday of the Wheel of the Year. There’s even a good chance you already celebrate it! Samhain (pronounced sah-win), the traditional Celtic festival that inspired Halloween, is celebrated on the last day of October and/or first day of November.  Continue reading “Wiccan Holidays: Samhain”

Book Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Nothing gets me in the mood for spooky season like curling up with a good old-fashioned vampire romance novel. Holly Black, queen of urban fantasy, branches off from her usual faerie tales to deliver this delicious paragon of the genre. Continue reading “Book Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black”

Shine Bright Networking Spell

One of the most onerous aspects of young professional life is the need to put yourself out there at industry networking events. Recently, I found myself facing two in one week and decided to call in some spiritual backup. I crafted this simple spell to help me shine bright and in my best light in order to get the most out of my networking experience.

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